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High on Love: A Steamy Interracial Romance: (Shopping for Love in Cataluma)

Coming June 20, 2023

Will the wandering woman settle for the small-town guy?

Kendra Barker’s a long way from her Canadian home. Her road trip has landed her and her 1983 Harley in Cataluma, California, but she only plans to stay long enough to rest, maybe make a few dollars, and enjoy the Strawberry Festival. As a bonus, the one place she finds to stay is an empty apartment with a super sexy landlord.

Javier Fernandez has been cruising through life on autopilot. His marijuana shop is doing well. His mother is, for the most part, under control and managing her job as mayor of his beloved Cataluma. Now, he just needs to get this pesky Canadian woman out of his head. He gave her a place to sleep, and he very much wants to be in her bed, but come the end of the weekend, she’ll be moving on. Javier doesn’t do one-nighters and he doesn’t want to deal with a broken heart. Long-distance, and cross-borders is a recipe for disaster, right?

High on Love is a story in the Shopping for Love in Cataluma series. The book is a 40k word small-town interracial romance novella with a tattooed heroine, a stoic hero, and the love affair that’ll change their lives forever.


Love Without Reservations is one story in the Shopping for Love in Cataluma World.

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Welcome to Love in Cedar Valley

The Absolution of Abigail Reardon

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Malachy Corcoran takes a demotion in order to accept a front-line job far away from his old position. If he can just keep his head down, perhaps he’ll avoid the worst of the personal and professional disasters headed his way. But once in Mission City, BC, he finds the woman he once walked away from. The woman he’s never forgotten.

Abigail Reardon manages the office at Healing Horses Ranch in Mission City. She never told Malachy that she decided to raise their gifted son as a single mother. The son they’d planned to give up for adoption. Malachy’s arrival in town spells disaster—what if Malachy demands parental rights in his son’s life? What if he wants custody?

 Abby and Malachy are forming a fragile alliance to support their son, until Malachy’s past catches up with him just as they start to reach a place of peace. Keeping his new family safe might mean walking away from them. Malachy left once, trying to do the right thing—but does he have the strength to do it again?

This Absolution of Abigail Reardon is a second-chance, single-parent romance with a touch of angst and a precocious ten-year-old boy. The book is the prequel to the Love in Cedar Valley series set in a small town in British Columbia, Canada.

The Luminosity of Loriana Harper 

Loriana Harper is the head librarian of the Mission City Public Library. She considers herself a matchmaker in this little town in British Columbia—especially for her employees. When a gorgeous technician arrives to update their computers, she can’t help musing about who might be his perfect match. Except, the more time she spends with Mitch, the more she wants him for herself.

Mitch Alexander left in disgrace from a good job in California. He’s come to this small town to make a new start where no one knows him. Although he has no plans to get involved with anyone, he’s drawn to the nosy, vivacious librarian who makes him smile. The local matchmaker might go overboard, but she has good intentions. Except he’s not in the market for any match, unless it’s with her.

When Mitch’s past catches up with him, and the police come calling, he has to decide if he’ll stay with Loriana or leave to save her from the taint of being associated with him. Loriana’s not ready to let her new man go without a fight—but maybe this is a match that wasn’t meant to be.

 The Luminosity of Loriana Harper is an older-woman age-gap interracial romance with a touch of angst and a large cat named Plato. The book is the first in the Love in Cedar Valley series set in a small town in British Columbia, Canada.

The Making of Marnie Jones

Librarian Marnie Jones has reinvented herself. After horrors that changed her forever, she’s built a new life and has found what she believes to be safety and quiet happiness. She hopes she’s outrun her past, but all that changes when a stranger comes to the small town of Mission City, British Columbia.

Jake McGrath has expended considerable resources to find Marnie Jones. His niece, Olivia, is spiraling out of control, and Jake thinks Marnie—who understands what his traumatized relative’s going through—is the one person who might help save her. . He needs to convince the skittish woman to return to Toronto with him. She’s his only hope.

Marnie reluctantly agrees to speak to Olivia, and each conversation shines a new light on her own life. Can she help Olivia and herself as well? If she can let her walls down enough to let one person in, perhaps she can admit her feelings for Jake and live the life she’s always dreamed of. But those walls are thick and well-reinforced. Can Jake be patient enough to wait until Marnie’s ready to confront her past and forge a future—hopefully with him?

The Making of Marnie Jones is a slow-burn, hurt/comfort, enemies-to-lovers romance with a touch of angst and a therapy dog named Tiffany.  There is mention of previous sexual assault. The book is the second in the Love in Cedar Valley series set in a small town in British Columbia, Canada.

The Redemption of Remy St.Claire 

Remy St. Claire is engulfed in grief, overwhelmed with caring for her three-year-old sister Calleigh after the death of their parents.  As an assistant crown prosecutor, she works to put monsters in jail. She can go toe-to-toe with the most hardened of criminals, but a distraught toddler might be her downfall.

Rusty Stevens has his hands full raising his three-year-old daughter Miracle on his own.  Applying for the job to be Calleigh’s nanny solves two problems at once—more time with his child while still earning money, and a playmate for Miracle. He worries his new boss works too hard, but he’s proud to be able to provide a stable home for all of them.

Then Rusty’s wife appears, and secrets from both Rusty’s and Remy’s pasts threaten the fragile relationship that has developed between them. When all the secrets are laid bare, will their trust survive, or will the truth drive them apart forever?

The Redemption of Remy St. Claire is a single-parent, marriage-of-convenience romance with a touch of angst and two adorable three-year-old girls. There is mention of a previous sexual assault. The book is the third in the Love in Cedar Valley series set in a small town in British Columbia, Canada.

Meet Gabbi Powell

Gabbi Powell has been a lover of romance since she first put pen to paper in the eighth grade to write her first romance.  She writes her novels while living in Beautiful British Columbia with her trusty ChinPoo dog a as companion.  She also writes gay romances as Gabbi Grey and contemporary dark erotic BDSM novels as Gabbi Black.

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